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From Presence To Silence

by Loneshore

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"The Quiet Visitor" Faded but reflective Worn but not ignored The leaves that pave the way were once where our heads are A pale, corroding sky Above, the sun dissolves The sins of the repented Haunt me where I go The lesser evil in the quest for vindication Embodied in an attempt to drown the pain that abounds Bellow, the roots implode I feast upon it like vultures would around a looted grave I kiss the ground I stand on to gently welcome this newborn age Into the open cracks I see the glimpse of a perpetual ghost set ablaze Approaching light All woes are scorched in the fire, Craddle of my rebirth, The plunging of my being into the depths of the earth is what makes the rivers flow The night arrives and brings stillness to the wrecks The coldness follows and devours me into the dismal black Alone I gazed at the chasm Idly sharpening the blade To peel myself of this rot eye Redemption in the heart of wilderness Approaching light All throes were bathed in the fire, Craddle of my rebirth, The blooming of the seed buried inside is what makes our spirits fly
Effigy 09:58
"Effigy" Gone Silent Bowing to the cold Fraught Stranded Reaching for the bottom A scarred Wanderer Vowing to return To beckon the sun Until your heart is cold like ice Embrace the memory Of warmer days by the riverside Still vivid in your head A defiant urge to cross that line Dividing timeless streams There is life running through your eyes Despite the fear for tomorrow Come what may Eternally These scars will leave a trail of desolation For those unhealed On the wire Where you found me Right before the fall Tears of joy would find their way to an ocean of despair And come the end of all I’ve ever dreamed It conjures up the rain denied Though better days are past this elegy It couldn’t overwrite my pride Before the leaves had fallen down I lost you to darkened skies When we broke our promise Shame found you with folded arms Until your heart has bled like mine Refrain from empathy Until winter has draped in white This haunting effigy... ...still There is life running through your eyes Despite the fear for tomorrow Come what may Eternally These scars will leave a trail of desolation For those unhealed Follow and See the stars collide By the light of the burst We ascend Wallow And feel the sun closer Letting go of the world To separate flesh from bone Bone from heart Heart from soul Soul from mind And live on...
"Winds of Ill Omen" Days of autumn Passed us by again How brave of you to stay A frail intuition A slip of innocence Sowed hope in wastelands That clear horizon Soon would turn to grey and thrive in misery Now there's blood, rain Streaming down my face Tomorrow will all be gone I reached out for water, not knowing what I'd find One lifeless dream Spiraling down the pit Until our eyes meet Across the open sea My heart thereafter Will cherish the belief Blinded by my hope To cope with the pain Tides uprooting Sacred trees of youth That sail into the dead of night Bring the vague impression Of coming full circle At the whirlwind's eye To neglect the warning of centuries gone by As I awake from years of sleep Disrupted by an unprecedented call In the vast blackness we reap The storm of our grand ascension The plight of a brother secluded in silences Could only amount to this much That book you gave me had pages ripped and so it stays half opened like my heart's been...not today
"Until the Last of Hopes" Carried away in the moment when I saw her eyes Disappear again Out in the pouring rain If I should stay and tomorrow Denied me the morning light Will my reasons still sustain? Prowling the aisles of memory To rattle the walls inside We’ll always be there Safe and sound That burden is mine for too long The departure of all that is fond’s akin To death itself In all its glory From the zenith to the pit Caught in the arms of a crippling defeat Holding on now Until the last of hopes And then we rise Back from the siege Yesterday’s cries Tomorrow’s conceit All within you A piteous trial Crowning the weak A taste of denial A taste so unique All within me Tied are my hands Tired are my feet Shifting the sands Of time and space I too shall pass this burden on
Daylight 06:01
"From Presence to Silence" From the ashes of a southern star into barren ground From the void of purpose Slowly into a narcissistic construct of time A frail asylum In steady decline ­ Your body bears the mercy of nature's violence And unrivaled resilience Shown through aeons before Indifferent to the sight of your spawn starving Come the last light It won't be long Either we'll rise Or the skies will fall From the source comes a warning From the clouds, poisonous rain From the ocean echoes a plead From the spear bleeds a shame And we do it all over again Cold sun Casting the shadows of all that is dead and gone Forged into the chasm of winter's throat Grown blind to the rivers running red Cold sun When will it finally take us home? Ephemeral asylumIn rampant decline This body bears no resemblence to God Unrivaled persistence Through aeons beyond To harvest more than what our hands can sow The cycle of fate Will never see an end And when the break of halcyon days Have long passed you by When the last of you Have walked the last mile Before the dawn When nothing grows In this fallow garden Let it all come down Spiraling away On downward waters My sacrifice


Loneshore's debut album “From Presence to Silence” was written and recorded between 2015 and 2017 through several studios in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We would like to thank Estudio Mata, Estudio Super Fuzz and Aeon Studio for being part of this process.


"...is heavy and head-moving, nimble and fiery, ravaging and somber. [...] It’s so multi-faceted, drawing together elements that range from doom to death metal to post-rock and prog, and in part because it’s so dynamic — and so alive with passion. " - No Clean Singing about "Effigy"

"Loneshore plays a style of doom/death metal that is very atmospheric, progressive and melodic sounding along with a great amount of post rock and black metal elements, the production sounds very professional while the lyrics cover dark and melancholic themes." - Doomed to Darkness. 8/10

"...um disco surpreendente, digno dos melhores adjetivos e altamente recomendável, provando mais uma vez que o Doom Metal brasileiro atende e por vezes supera o padrão de qualidade de banda internacionais." - Metal na Lata. 10/10

"From Presence To Silence fascinates from start to finish and deserves the extensive attention. The men have really found a perfect balance between 'laid back' and 'chaos' and thus wrap the listener around their finger. A very impressive debut and absolutely one to keep an eye on!" - Zware Metalen Webzine. 89/100

"Ferocidade contra a delicadeza, velocidade contra peso, peso contra leveza: Loneshore faz malabarismos com opostos e consegue manter o fio narrativo neste contexto espesso. O risco de dispersão permanece, mas deve-se admitir que Loneshore tem um bom domínio sobre o que fazem, graças ao domínio instrumental de seus músicos e uma mistura equilibrada. Em geral, From Presence To Silence tem grandes ambições e revela um grupo com um potencial interessante. Nós não podemos esperar para ver como esta riqueza estilística evoluirá no futuro." - Métal Intégral. 15/20

"While Loneshore doesn’t have the most original pool of influences, the band incorporates them well to create something different. I’m very impressed by the songwriting and emotion on “From Presence to Silence”. This is one of the best doom albums from 2018 in my book, and the band probably has a bright future if they continue creating music like this. And once again, a big extra plus for the amazing cover art!" - DeathDoom Blog.


released September 28, 2018

Loneshore is:

Luiz Felipe Netto – Vocals
Renan Rubim – Guitar
Bruno Farinazzo - Guitar
Luan Moura – Bass
Pedro Mercier – Drums

Matheus Ullmann - Guitar (2016-2018)

Music by Renan Rubim
Lyrics by Luiz Felipe Netto
Arranged by Loneshore
Cover art and Design Layout by Moornebheym

Produced and mixed by Luiz Felipe Netto
Mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios, Sweden

Solitude Productions / BadMoodMan Music


all rights reserved



Loneshore Brazil

Founded in 2014, Loneshore is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and aims to spread some Doom/Death Metal riffs allied with memorable melodies, unconventional song structures and atmospheric soundscapes.

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